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    Gravitational force on the 5kg mass due to another mass; what are accelerations?

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    A 5kg mass is 4m away from a 10kg mass. Find the gravitational force on the 5kg mass due to the other mass. What is the force on the 10kg mass due to the 5kg mass? If both masses are free to move, what are their respective accelerations?

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    Solution.(a) By the Newton's law of gravitation we know the gravitational force F is

    F=GMm/r^2 (1)

    where G=6.672*10^(-11) (Nm^2 Kg^(-2)). So,

    F=6.672*10^(-11)*5*10/4^2=2.085*10^(-10) (N).

    The gravitational force on ...

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    The gravitational force on the 5kg mass due to another mass is determined. The Newton's law of gravitational theory is determined. With calculations and explanations, the problems are solved.