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Buoyant Forces

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Suppose one of the navy ships bobs up to float 11cm higher in the water when 50 fighters take off from it in 25 minutes, at a location where g=9.78m/s^2. Bristling with bombs and missiles, the planes have average mass 29000kg. Find the horizontal area enclosed by the waterline of the 4 billion dollar ship. By comparison, its flight deck has area 18000m^2. Below the decks are passageways hundreds of meters long, so narrow that two large men cannot pass each other.

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The solution calculates horizontal area enclosed by the waterline of a ship.

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Mass of 50 fighter planes= 50 X 29 000 Kg= 1 450 000 Kg

Weight of 50 fighter planes= 1 450 000 X ...

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