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    Lenses/Radius of Curvature

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    Hi. Can someone please show me how to do the following problem? Thank you.

    "When a patient is being fitted with contact lenses, the curvature of the patient's cornea is measured with an instrument known as a keratometer. A lighted object is held near the eye, and the keratometer measures the magnification of the image formed by reflection from the front of the cornea. If an object is held 10.5 cm in front of a patient's eye, and the ratio of the height of the reflected image to that of the object is 0.035, what is the radius of curvature of the patient's cornea?"

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    let s be the distance of the object and s' be the distance of the image.

    m = - s' / s = - s' / 10.5 = 0.035
    s' ...

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    The solution includes calculations for finding the radius of curvature of a patient's cornea knowing the ratio of the reflected image and the distance of an object from the eye.