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Beam of Light Impinges

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1.) A woman 1.8m tall, standing 1.24 meters from a 1m high vertical mirror can see her entire image in it. Her eyes are 144 mm below the very top of her head. How high above the floor is the bottom edge of the mirror?

2.) A beam of light impinges on the top surface of a 7.30 cm thick parallel glass (n=1.5) plate at an angle of 28.6 degrees. How long is the actual path through the glass?

3.) A 19.5 m tall building is 22.4 m behind a person who is looking directly at the middle of a mirror a distance of 2.51 m in front of him. How tall should the mirror be if the image of the building is to completely fill it top to bottom?

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The beam of light in an impinge is determined.

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