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    Magnitude and Acceleration and Tension

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    Two blocks, of weights 3.6 N and 7.2 N, are connected by a mass-less string and slide down a 30 degree inclined plane. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the lighter block and the plane is 0.10; that between the heavier block and the plane is 0.20. Assuming that the lighter block leads, find a) the magnitude of the acceleration of the blocks and b) the tension in the string.

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    a) The forces acting on the lighter block are gravitational force, friction and spring tension
    => Ftotal = m*a
    => m1*g*cos(30)-m1*g*sin(30)*kmu1-T=m1*a
    where kmu1 is the kinetic friction between the lighter block and the plane and T is the tension of the spring
    Similarly, for the heavier ...

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