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    Moving Tension of load of bricks when rope is passing over a pulley

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    See attached figure.

    A load of bricks with mass m1 = 14.2 kg hangs from one end of a rope that passes over a small, frictionless pulley. A counterweight of mass m2= 29.0 kg is suspended from the other end of the rope, as shown in the figure. The system is released from rest.

    A) What is the magnitude of the upward acceleration of the load of bricks?

    B) What is the tension in the rope while the load is moving?

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    For part A consider what forces are acting on the load of bricks. There is gravity (m1*g) in the -y direction and there is the tension of the string in the +y direction. To find the upward acceleration of the load of bricks we must use F=ma. If we add the ...

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