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    Calculating Microscope Lens Magnification

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    Question: The image formed by a certain microscope objective lens is 180 mm from its second focal point. The focal length of the objective lens is 9 mm. An ocular lens of focal length 50 mm, is used to project a real image on a screen 1 m from the second focal point of the ocular lens. What is the lateral magnification between the object and final image? Assume all lenses to be thin.

    I'm having trouble with how to draw a graph for the question. My book only gives one formula for the lateral magnification, m=y/y' where y is the height of the object and y' is the height of the image, but neither of these are given in the problem.

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    This is a step by step solution to a problem of calculating the lateral magnification of a microscope system given the object position and the focal lengths of the objective and the ocular lenses.