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Electrostatics: Field and Potential

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Please solve and show solutions step by step for problems 22.38, 22.42, and 23.68

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Solutions of three problems good to learn basics.---------
(1) A point charge is placed at the center of a conducting charged spherical shell. The field at any point and is calculated with other questions in four parts of the question. -------------
(2) A solid conducting charged sphere surrounded by an insulating shell of radii a and b. The field at any point, charge density and other quantities are determined in three parts of the question. ------------
(3) A uniformly charged wire is bent in semicircular ring. the potential at the center of curvature is calculated.

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Electrostatic Field and Potential in Spheres

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1. The electrostatic field E in a particular region can be expressed in terms of spherical coordinates. Derive an expression for the potential difference.

2. The electrostatic potential in a region is given by a function. Derive an expression for the electrostatic field in this region, and hence determine the field at the point x = 1.0m, y = 2.0m, z = 3.0m. Enter the numerical values for the components of this field in the boxes in the equation below:

3. A cube of volume L^3 is bounded by the planes x = 0 and x = L, y = 0 and y = L, and z = 0 and z = L. he charge density p(x) within the cube is given by and equation. Calculate the total charge contained within the cube.

4. The region between two concentric spheres of radi alpha and 3*alpha contains a uniform charge density p and elsewhere the charge density is zero. Calculate the radial component of the electric field a a distance 2a from the centre of the spheres, E(2a).

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