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Electric Fields using Gauss' Law

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A hollow spherical shell carries charge density p = k / r^2, in the region a<=r<=b. Find the electric field in i) the region a< r< b.

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The solution finds an electric field using Gauss' Law.

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Electric field inside the sphere using Gauss' law

Solid insulation sphere of non-uniform charge density. Finding the electric field in side the sphere using Gauss' law:

(a) Consider a solid insulating sphere of radius b with non-uniform charge density
s= ar, where 'a' is a constant. Find the charge Q_r contained within the radius r, when
r < b.

(b) If a = 2 x 10^-6 C/m^4 and b= 1 m, find the electric field, E at r= 0.6 m. Answer in units of N/C.

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