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Electric Field Due to a Hydrogen Atom

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"A hydrogen atom is made up of a proton of charge +Q = 1.6 × 10^−19 and an electron of charge −Q = 1.6 × 10^− 19. The proton may be regarded as a point charge at the centre of the atom. The motion of the electron causes its charge to be "smeared out" into a spherical distribution around the proton, such that the electron is equivalent to a charge per unit volume of ..." (please see the attached file for the full problem statement).

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Detailed solution with explanation, equations and calculations. The expert examines electric field due to a hydrogen atom.

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Since the system is completely radial, we can conclude that the electric field depends only on the radius and its direction is along the radial lines.

This means that:
1. the electric field on a concentric spherical Gaussian surface is perpendicular to the surface
2. the electric field's magnitude on a concentric ...

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