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Active Galaxies

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1. What is the significance of studying active versus normal galaxies? Explain.

2. Do you think that our galaxy has ever been an active galaxy? Could it have hosted a quasar when it was young?

3. How can collisions affect the shape of galaxies? What evidence can you cite that galactic cannibalism really happens?

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1. What is the significance of studying active versus normal galaxies? Explain.

Active galaxies are considered to be younger than normal galaxies like our Milky Way, and they can emit up to a thousand times more energy than a normal galaxy. Active galaxies emit much more electromagnetic radiation from the central region of the galaxy due to more prevalent star formation activity. A very small percentage of all galaxies are active, however, the farther you get from the Milky Way, the more common they ...

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This solution discusses the differences between active and normal galaxies, quasars and stars, and each of these objects relationship to their age. It also discusses the different shapes of galaxies and how they develop.

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