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    Torque on boom in equilibrium calculation

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    A uniform boom is at an angle of 45 degrees from the ground. It is held in place by a frictionless pin at ground level. Weight A= 2230 nt is suspended from its upper end and the boom's weight B= 441 nt. A cable from its upper end to ground level makes angle 30 degrees with the ground. See ATTACHMENT for a diagram.
    Find T, the tension in the cable and the magnitude of P, the total force exerted on the boom by the frictionless pin.

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    Physics notes:
    Note 1.
    The boom in equilibrium must satisfy 'net torque = 0' about any axis, and also 'net force = 0'.
    Note 2.
    To get the tension T, in the cable, since the force P exerted by the pin is not known, choose the pin as the location of the axis, and apply total clockwise torque (cl) = total counter clockwise (ccl) ...