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    Simple Harmonic Motion Mass Hanging Spring.

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    A certain spring with its upper end attached to a ceiling and nothing attached to its lower end has a length s= .6 m. When a mass M= 2.0 kg is attached to hang from its lower end the spring then has a length h= .80 m.
    See ATTACHMENT for a diagram showing parameters.
    The mass is raised .15 m above equilibrium point and released from rest to begin SHM.
    For a vertical x axis with origin at the equilibrium level and positive locations above this point, develop the location function x(t).

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    Step 1.
    The general expression giving x(t) for a body moving with SHM is:
    (1) x = Xm cos (w t + Q) in which w is the angular frequency in rad/sec, Q is the initial phase angle, and ...

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    The expert examines SHM mass hanging springs. A vertical axis with origins at the equilibrium level and positive locations are found.