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    Determining the location of a fulcrum

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    Two metal disks are taped to a meter stick. The mass of the meter stick is 540.0 g. Disk 1 has a mass of 500.0 g and is located at the 29.0 cm mark. Disk 2 has a mass of 300.0 g and is located at the 76.0 cm mark. At what position along the meter stick should you place a fulcrum so that the entire system (meter stick plus the 2 masses) are balanced?

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    Mass of meter stick=540 g
    Mass per cm=540/100= 5.4 g/ cm

    Let the fulcrum be placed at the x cm mark
    Clockwise moment=
    500 * (x-29) + (5.4*x)(x/2) 5.4 x is the ...

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    The solution determines the location of a fulcrum such that the meter stick plus the 2 masses are balanced.