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    A door in equilibrium requiring application of net torque equal to zero.

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    A uniform, rectangular door 2.2 m high and 2.4 m wide having a weight of 260 nt is supported by two hinges. One hinge is .30 m from the top corner and the other is .30 m from the bottom corner. Each hinge supports half the total weight of the door. See door ATTACHMENT for a diagram.
    Find the magnitude of the total force exerted on the door by the lower hinge.

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    Physics notes;
    <br><br>Note 1.
    <br><br>Each hinge has two components, a vertical component given as half the weight, and a horizontal component to be found.
    <br><br>Note 2.
    <br><br>To see the direction, left or right, of the horizontal force exerted by the lower hinge, observe the diagram on the ATTACHMENT, and consider what would happen if the pin in the lower hinge were suddenly pulled out; that part of the door would move toward the wall. Therefore the pin is pushing horizontally to the ...