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    Waves and Atoms

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    Please show all work and provide justification for answers.

    1. Waves show the phenomena of reflection, diffraction, refraction, interference, and absorption. Associate at least one or two of these with each of the following.

    a. You see a mirage.

    b. You hear someone whispering just around the corner in the next room.

    c. You see a rainbow in the sky.

    d. The sunset is red.

    e. You hear beats when two guitar strings are plucked simultaneously.

    f. You hear an echo.

    g. You see yourself in a mirror

    2. The sun emits 3x1032J of energy every day. Assume it emits only yellow light (wavelength of 6x10-7m).

    a. What is the energy of each photon of yellow light?

    b. How many photons does the sun emit every day?

    3. What were 3 examples of problems in physics at the turn of the 20th century (around 1900) that led to the development of quantum mechanics?

    4. Where was the uranium found in the Earth produced?
    Please show all work.

    5. Einstein stated that E = mc2. Assume a person has a mass of 60 kg, and somehow all of this mass is converted to energy.

    a. How much energy (in joules) would be released?

    b. If this energy were released over a years time, what would be the average power released (in watts)?

    c. How many power plants is this equal to in output?

    6. The atom is mostly empty. If all the atoms in the Earth collapsed in to the size of a nucleus, what would be the Earth's diameter?

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