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    The highest position the car reaches at the bottom of the hill

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    A 750 kilogram automobile is moving at 20.0 meters per second at a height of 5.0 meters above the bottom of the hill when it runs out of gasoline. The car coasts down the hill and then continues coasting up the other side unitl it comes to rest. Ignoring frictional forces and air resistance, what is the value of "h", the highest position the car reaches above the bottom of the hill?

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    <br><br>Since you're ignoring dissipative forces such as friction and air resistance, we can assume only conservative forces are involved, so that conservation of energy may be used.
    <br><br>In general, conservation of energy should be used instead of forces and kinematics whenever the net force is variable, as in this case it is. (Normal force between the car and the road, for example, continuously changes direction as the car travels along the curved surface of the hill)
    <br><br>Begin by calculating the ...