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    Rotational energy of axles and wheels of Army four wheel truck

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    An Army four-wheel truck has a total mass of 8 metric tons. The truck is accelerated from rest up a sine 1-in-25 slope to a speed of 21.6 km/h. The engine produces an average tractive force F = 18 kN and the resistance to motion is 800 N. Each of its axles, including the wheels, may be assumed to have an effective mass of 900kg with a radius of gyration of 450 mm. Diameter of the wheels = 1.2m


    i. The final rotational Energy of the axles and wheels.

    ii. The final Kinetic Energy of the truck.

    iii. The distance travelled from rest up the incline to reach the final speed of 21.6 km/h.

    iv. The total power expended by the engine in accelerating the truck to that speed.

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