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Photon and Radio Waves

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A radio station broadcasts at a frequency of 1MHz with a total radiated power of 5000 watts.
(a) What is the wavelength of this radiation?
(b) What is the energy (in electron-volts) of the individual quanta that compose the radiation? How many photons are emitted per second? per cycle of oscillation?
(c) A certain radio receiver must have 2 microwatts of radiation power incident on its antenna in order to provide intelligible reception. How many 1MHz photons does this require per second per cycle of oscillation?
(d) Do your answers to parts (b) and (c) indicate that the granularity of electromagnetic radiation can be neglected in these circumstances?

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This solution answers a series of physics question regarding wave lengths and energy.

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A radio station broadcasts at a frequency of 1MHz with a total radiated
power of 5 kW.
(a) What is the wavelength of this radiation?
Radio Waves are just light, so knowledge of the frequency gives us the wavelength:
X: v / f: (3 X 108 m/s) / (1x106 ...

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