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    Parallel plates and charge mass

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    Please show all work and show all equations used and diagrams, etc. etc. so I understand completely please.

    1) In separate experiments 4 different particles each start from far away with the same speed and impinge directly on a gold nucleus. the masses and charges of the particles are:

    2) Rank the particles according to the distance of closest approach to the gold nucleus, from smallest to largest.

    3)Two large parallel conducting plates are separated by a dstance d placed in a vacuum and are connected to a source of potential difference V. An oxygen ion with charge 2e, starts from rest on the surface on one plate and accelerates to the other. If e dentes the magnitude of an electron charge, the final kinetic energy of this ion is:
    (show why answer please)
    b) eV/d
    d) Vd/e
    e) 2eV

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