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    Oscillator and Amplitude

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    An oscillator with a mass of 500g and a period of 1s has an amplitude that decreases by 2% during each complete oscillation.

    A) If the initial amplitude is 9.6 cm, what will be the amplitude after 48 oscillations? Express your answer in centimetres.
    B) At what time will the energy be reduced to 29 percent of its initial value? Express your answer in seconds.

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    A0 = 9.6cm
    A1 = A0 (1-0.02)cm
    A2 = A1 (1-0.02cm) = A0 (1-0.02)^(2)cm
    A48 = A0 ...

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    This solution answers the amount of centimetres in amplitude after 48 oscillations and the time in seconds that the energy will be reduced to 29% of its initial value. This answer looks at an oscillator with a specified mass and established rate of decreasing amplitude as the starting parameters.