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    Mechanics - Coefficient of Friction

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    1a) A steel block with a mass of 62 kg is drawn along a horizontal surface. It is pulled by a rope that is 27 degrees above the horizontal with a 73 N force. What is the coefficient of friction? Assume the object is moving at a constant speed.

    1b) A block of steel weights 1.5 ton and is allowed to fall 1.5 m on to a spike. There is a 30% loss due to dissipation, the opposing force is 300 kN of ground resistance. How far does the spike go into the ground?

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    Part A

    The force of gravity on the block is equal to 62 * 9.8 = 607.6 N.
    We can decompose the 73 N force into its y (73 * sine (27º) = 33.1 N) and x (73 * cosine (27º) = 65.0 N) components.
    The ...

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    This solution calculates the coefficient of friction and also how far a spike goes into the ground.