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    determine which gun fired the bullet in the crime case

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    You need to verify which gun fired a bullet in a police investigation with a very limited budget. There are two guns involved in a crime; both could fire bullets of the same kind of mass (0.1kg). One is an assault rifle which fires the bullet at speed of 300m/s; the other is a hand gun which fires the same bullet with speed of 200m/s. You went to the hardware store and bought a wood block having a mass M=10kg and two pieces of strings with negligible mass. You suspend the block using strings to the ceiling as shown in the attached picture. You fire the bullet horizontally into the block; the bullet embeds in the block and it swung up to a maximum height of 0.4m above the original position.

    a) Which gun fired the bullet in the crime case? give a detailed and rigorous mathematical reasoning.

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