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Lorentz Force: Desk-Top Sized Proton Accelerator

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Your company is designing a desk-top sized proton accelerator, using a 500MN/C superconducting magnet to hold the protons in a circular path. Estimate the maximum kinetic energy that your accelerator can give protons. Express your answer in the conventional particle physics unit of electron-volts, where 1 eV=1.6*10^-19J. For comparison, the accelerator at the Fermi National Laboratory can accelerate protons to energies greater than 1 TeV. (Hint: Assume that the protons are nonrelativistic, do the calculation, and then check that assumption.)

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Solution Summary

In an attached Word document, this solution discusses the concept of Lorentz force and estimates maximum kinetic energy. All calculations and equations are shown.

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