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Force on a conductor carrying current and placed in a magnet

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You will run a simulation of Lorentz force exerted on a current carrying conductor located in the magnetic field of a horseshoe magnet. The experiment is set up so that you can change the direction of polarity of the magnet and the direction of the current as well as turn the current on and off.

Click on the following link to access the simulation (number 6 on the list of required readings and sources: Please see the Background Materials for this module).
Fendt, W. (1999). Lorentz force (simulation). Retrieved on 13 Nov 07 from http://www.sciencejoywagon.com/physicszone/otherpub/wfendt/lorentzforce .htm

In the simulation, the electrical current flows from positive (+) to negative (-). Notice that the current flows into the screen when the current source is on the left, and out of the screen when the current source is on the right. Change the direction of the current by clicking the "reverse current" button.

The lines of magnetic force flow from north (red) to south (green). You can flip the magnet vertically and change the direction of the magnetic field 180 degrees by clicking the "turn magnet" button.

In response to the magnetic field, the wire carrying the current is displaced either to left, or to the right.
Complete the following table. The first line has been filled in for you.

Current Direction Magnetic Field Direction Wire Displacement
Into screen Top to bottom Left
Into screen Bottom to top
Out of screen Top to bottom
Out of screen Bottom to top

Write a paper summarizing the results of your experiment, and discussing these results in terms of what you have learned about the Lorentz force and the behavior of current carrying conductors placed in a magnetic field.

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Fleming's Left Hand Rule

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Here is the completed table :

Current Direction Magnetic Field Direction Wire Displacement

2. Into screen Bottom to top ...

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