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    Gas mileage of car engine

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    When one gallon of gasoline is burned in a car engine, 1.19 x 10^8 J of internal energy is released. Suppose that 1.00 x 10^8 J of this energy flows directly into the surroundings (engine block and exhaust system) in the form of heat. If 6.0 x 10^5 J of work is required to make the car go one mile, how many miles can the car travel on one gallon of gas?

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    Since 1.00 x 10^8 J of internal energy flows into the surroundings in the form of heat when one gallon of gasoline is burned, the amount that goes into doing actual ...

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    The gas mileage of the car (i.e., the number of miles it gets to one gallon of gasoline) was calculated from the given information, and the calculation is explained in detail.