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    Energy stored in capacitor

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    Consider a parallel plate capacitor with area A and separation d. The plates have fixed charges Q and -Q, and no battery connected. Determine the energy stored before and after the insertion of a dielectric with dielectric constant K that completely fills the space between the plates.

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    Fundamentals in a nutshell

    1. Capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor with air between the plates C = Є0A/d where Є0 = permittivity of air, A = area of each plate, d= separation between the plates.

    2. Dielectric constant K of a dielectric medium with permittivity Є is defined as : K = Є/Є0.

    3. Capacitance of a capacitor with a dielectric slab (dielectric constant K) between the plates (filling the space ...

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    The expert examines energy stored in capacitors. A parallel plate capacitor area is determined.