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    Electrostatic field energy in a cylindrical capacitor.

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    A cylindrical capacitor consists of a long wire of radius R, and length L with a charge +Q and a concentric outer cylindrical shell of radius Rsub2, length L, and a charge -Q. (a) find the electric field and energy density at any point in space. b(b) how much energy resides in cylindrical shell between the conductors of radius R, thickness d r, and volume 2pirL d r? (c) integrate your expression from part (b)to find the total energy stored in the capacitor and compare your result with the obtained, using U=1/2CV^2.

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    The solution contains the derivation for the energy stored in a cylindrical capacitor using the energy per unit volume in the electric field and with the formula of the energy of a capacitor both. The required diagram is also given.