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    Electrostatic energy: Parallel Plate Capacitor

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    A parallel plate capacitor with a plate area of 2 m^2 and a separation of 1.0 mm is charge to 100 V. (a) What is the electric field between the plates? (b) What is the energy per unit volume in the space between the plates? (c) Find the total energy by multiplying your answer from Part (b) by the total volume between plates. (d) Find the capacitance C. (e) Calculate the total energy from U=1/2 CV^2, and compare your answer with your result from part (c).

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    a) field between the plates E = V/d = 100V/1mm = 100/10^-3m = 10^5 V/m ---Ans

    b) energy per unit volume in the space between the plates is given by

    U = (1/2) * epsilon_0 * ...

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    This solution answers three questions on physics, addressing electric field, energy per unit volume, total energy and capacitance.