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Activity for simulating the periodic table

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Imagine that you want to create an activity for a group of children to simulate the periodic table. Suggest items that you may use and how they may be organized in rows and columns.

If you have some ideas I'd like to learn from you and also if you know books or internet sites let me know so I can read and understand more.


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Firstly, let's think of how the periodic table is arranged into rows and columns, and why it is so.

The rows of the periodic table describe elements which have the same number of energy levels. Each atom has a number of potential energy levels. You can imagine them as set orbits within which a certain number of electrons can orbit without being too close to each other (this isn't entirely true, but useful as a basic concept). For example, 2 electrons can fit in the first energy level before other electrons have to occupy an orbit farther from the nucleus, in a second energy level which can hold 8 electrons.

Within a row, the number of energy levels are the same. For ...

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