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Find dissipated as thermal energy

1. A wire of resistance 5.0 ohm is connected to a battery whose emf is 2.0V and whose potential resistance is 1.0 ohm. In 2.0min, how much energy is (a) transferred from chemical form in the battery, (b) dissipated as thermal energy in the wire, and (c) dissipated as thermal energy in the battery?

2.The starting motor of a car is turning too slowly, and the mechanic has to decide whether to replace the motor, the cable, or the battery. The car's manual says that the 12V battery should have no more than 0.02 ohm internal resistance. The motor no more than 0.2 ohm resistance, and the cable no more than 0.04 ohm resistance.The mechanic turns on the motor and measures 11.4V across the batter, 3.0V across the cable, and a current of 50A. Which part is defective?