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Monochromatic Plane Wave

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Write the (real) electric and magnetic fields for a monochromatic plane wave of amplitude Eo, frequency w, and phase angle zero that is (a) traveling in the negative x direction and polarized in the z-direction; (b) traveling in the direction from the origin to the point (1,1,1), with polarization parallel to the xz plane. In each case, sketch the wave, and give the explicit cartesian components of k and n.

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Solution: For a monochromatic plane wave of amplitude , frequency , and phase angle zero, polarized in the direction , the electric and magnetic fields are given by
But the physical field is given by the real part of this complex expression. We know that the real part of is .
There fore the actual electric and magnetic fields for a monochromatic plane wave becomes

(a) Consider a ...

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The solution solves for and writes the monochromatic plane wave specified. The polarization parallel to the xz planes are determined. The expert sketches the waves for explicit cartesian components.

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