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E-field of a spherical shell with uniform volume charge

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The question is in the attached file, it's a page of text book. Please help me to do QUESTION NUMBER 50. Only question 50.

50. Figure 23-51 shows a spherical shell with uniform volume charge density rho = 1.84 nC/m3, inner radius a = 10.0 cm, and out radius b = 2.00a.

What is the magnitude of the electric field at radial distance
(a) r = 0;
(b) r = a/2.00
(c) r = a,
(d) = r = 1.5a,
(e) r = b,
(f) r = 300b

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Considering a spherical Gaussian surface with radius r, the electric field is parallel to dA vector everywhere on the surface, so the dot product becomes a simple multiplication because the angle between E vector and ...

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