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Electric Field, Radioactivity & X-Ray Wavelength

1. The drawing shows the potential at five points on a set of axes. Each of the four points is 7.0 x 10^-3 mt from the point of origin. From the data shown find the magnitude and the direction of electric field in the vicinity of origin.

(See attached for diagram)

2. A 0.5 kg tumor is being irradiated by a radioactive source. The tumor receives an absorbed dose of 10 Gy in a time of 800 seconds. Each disintegration of the radioactive source produces a particle that enters the tumour and deliver an energy of 0.4 MeV. What is the activity Delta N/ Deta t of the radioactive source?

3. In each atom of a metal target in an X-ray, there are Z-protons. The metal emits a k(below alpha) X-ray that has a wavelength of 1.35 x 10^-10 m. Use the bohr model to estimate the k(below alpha) X-ray wavelength emitted by a target each atom of which contains Z-1 protons.


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