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Electrostatic Charges & Fields

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Problem 13 :-
In figure 21-26 in attached file 3 particle 1 of charge +1.0 uC and particle 2 of charge
-3.0 uC are held at separation L = 10.0cm on an x axis.
If particle 3 of unknown charge (q3) is to be located such that the net electrostatic force on it from particles1 and 2 is zero.
What must be the (a)x axis and (b) y axis co-ordinates of particle3??

Problem 8.
In figure 22-30 in attached file 4 particle 1 of charge q1= -5.00q and particle 2 of charge +2.00q are fixed to an x axis.
(a) As a multiple of distance L, at what coordinate on the axis is the net electric field of the particles zero?
(b) Sketch the electric field lines.

Problem 26.
Charge is uniformly distributed around a ring of radius R= 2.40cm and the resulting electric field magnitude E is measured along the ring's central axis (perpendicular to the plane of the ring).

At what distance from the ring's center is E maximum?

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