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1. I need to indicate by checking the appropriate box, whether the given points are on line 1, or line 2, or both line 1 and line 2, or on neither one of the two lines:

LINE 1: 3x-4y-20=0
LINE 2: 8x+3y+15=0

(x,y) Line 1 line 2 Both lines neither line


2. Using the variable m to represent mabel's score, how do i translate the following sentence into mathematical expression

98 is 7/4 of Mabel's score

3.How do i solve the inequality for z, I need to simplify my answer as much as possible.


4. How do i graph the line for:

5. How do I graph the line with slope -3/4 passing through the point (-2,2)

6. I need to find the slope of the line graph.
-35,5 16,39

7. What is the slope of the line 2x=3y-2?

8. I need help with writing an equation of a graph with points (0.1) & (6,7)

9. I need help with writing an equation for this line. A line passes through the point (x,y)=(-4,-4) and has a slope of 6.

10. I need help finding the equation for a graph whose points are (-1,-3) & (2, -4)

Thank you for your much needed HELP!!!

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