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Examination of the affect of Coulombs Law

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Four charged particles are arranged in a cartesian co-ordinate system in a 2D plane: Distance between origin and each particle is given, net electrostatic force on particel 1 is given as zero. The distance of the 4th particle from the origin is determied using Coulombs law so that the net force on particle 1 is zero, taking the geometry, distances and charges on all the particles in to account

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Examination of Coulombs Law for an arrangment of 4 charged particels in plane in 2D space and determining the effect of distance on charge on one particle as a result of the changing distance of a 4th particle

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Coulombs Law is used to estimate the distance of a 4th charged particle from the origin of a co-ordinate system so that no net force is experienced by one of the particles

In general we use the equation for the Coulomb force between 2 charges and separated by distance as below

The factor we ...

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