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Electrostatics: Forces

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1. Determine the electric force acting on an electron placed in a uniform north-to-south E-field of 8.0 x 10^4 N/C in vacuum.

2. A +10-uC test-charge at some point beyond a charged sphere experiences an attractive force of 40 uN. Please coompute the value of the E-field of the sphere at that point in a vacuum.

3. Two point-charges of +10 nC and -20 nC lie on the x-axis at point x = 0 and x = +10, respectively. Find the electric field on the axis at point x = +5.0m. Assume vacuum.

4. Part I. Positive point-charges of +20 uC are fixed at two of the vertices of an equilaterial triangle with sides of 2.0 m, located in vacuum. Determine the magnitude of the E-field at the third vertex.
Part II. Redo Part I, this time with charges of +20 uC and -20 uC at either end of the baseline (creating the field at teh remaining vertex).

5. A uniform field of 1.200 N/C pointing due north exists in a region of space. A point-charge of 6.00 x 10^-12C is then placed in that original field. What is the magnitude of the net field now at a point 20.0 cm due east of the charge?

6. Three point-charges are placed at teh corners of an isosceles triangle. At the left and right, end points of the base are +1.0 uC and +1.0 uC, respectively, and at the vertex +3.0 uC. The base of the triangle is 40-cm long, and the altitude is 30-cm high. Find the E-field at the midpoint of the baseline.

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