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    Physics: Marble Impact calculation

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    See attached diagram.

    Six marbles are placed in a grooved track as shown. Two marbles are released from the left which then roll down and collide with the other marbles. Two marbles roll out from the right at the same velocity as the two marbles which rolled down from the left. Similarly, when one, two, three, four, or five marbles are released from the left, the same number will roll out from the right with the same velocity, the others remaining at rest in the center of the grooved track.

    Show by calculation, that when two marbles are released from the left, two marbles roll out from the right and not just one marble at twice the velocity.

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    This question has to do with conservation of momentum.

    initial {(m1)(v1) + (m2)(v2)} = final {(m1)(v1) + ...

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    With a formula and a good explanation, the problem is solved. Marble impact calculations are determined.