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Object Velocities

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A 1 kg object is dropped from the horizontal while attached to a string 80 cm long, tied at the same height as the object.

When the string is vertical after the object is dropped, the object strikes a 2 kg block on a frictionless horizontal surface.

The impact is 100% elastic.

What will be the velocities of both objects after impact?

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This solution looks at a mechanics problem and finds the velocities of two objects after collision.

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Object #1 = 1 kg object on the string.
Object #2 = 2 kg object on the horizontal surface.
At point #1 object #1 has a potential energy of 1 * 9.8 * 0.8 = 7.84 J. The kinetic energy at that point is equal to zero since the object is at rest.
ust before the collision object #1 has a potential energy of zero. Using the conservation of energy law we can thus see that the kinetic energy of object #1 just before the ...

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