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Energy Conservation and Thermodynamical Cycles

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An ideal gas initially at pressure Po, volume Vo, and temperature To is taken through the cycle described in attached file.

A) Find the net work done BY the gas per cycle in terms of Po and Vo.

I believe that my answer of 2Po2Vo is correct.

B) What is the net energy Q added to the system per cycle?

I know that I have to find the change of internal energy for the system to find out Q based on the equation: delta U = Q + W. But where I am getting stuck is how to solve for U. U = 3/2nRT or U = 3/2 PV Can we assume that R = 1.00 mol? If so, I carry out solving for U and finally solving for Q to get RTo. I'm not sure this is right. This where I am unsure.

C) Obtain a numerical value for the net work done per cycle for 1.00 mol of gas initially at 0 degrees C.

See attached file for full problem description.

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This solution discusses energy conservation and thermodynamical cycles.

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