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    Computational Methods for Classical Kinematics

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    -----> Suppose that you are standing at 40 degrees latitude and are 2 meters tall.

    [A]. Find the velocity of your feet, v, due to the rotation of Earth. Assume that Earth is a perfect sphere of radius R=6378km and that a day is exactly 24 hours long.

    [B]. Using the result from part A, compute the centripetal acceleration at your feet as a=(v^2)/r.

    [C]. Repeat parts A and B for your head, and compute the difference between the acceleration at your head and feet. Show how round-off can corrupt your calculations and how to fix the problem.

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    This solution contains a labeled diagram and also step-by-step calculations to determine the velocity of your feet due to the rotation of the Earth and centripetal acceleration. It also discusses the differences in using double precision calculations rather than single precision in accuracy of computations.