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    receprocal lattice of a square Lattice, Illustration.

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    The concept of reciprocl lattice is very important in solid state physics. The x-ray diffraction pattern is the mapping of receprocal lattice.

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    a. The Reciprocal lattice of a simple cube of a=0.2nm is shown in the diagram. (Black colour ) The lattice cell dimension is given below .
    = 2x3.14/0.2nm=3.14/10-10=3.14X1010 m-1
    For a simple cubic structure the a*=b*=c*= 3.14X1010 m-1. It can be marked in the diagram such that the distance between two points is a*=b*=c*, ie The distance between 000, 100 is a*=b*=c*= 3.14X1010 m-1
    is the same for (100, 200) points, or (200,300), (000,010) or (010,020) points.
    b. The black bold arrows directed to the index points represent miller indices are the reciprocal ...

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    Here in this work a schematic illustration of reciprocal lattice for a square lattice is given.