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Two ships receive signal from the bottom at different times. Find the depth of the sea.

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SEE ATTACHMENT #1 for a diagram of the situation.

Two research ships are distance S= 3600 meters apart on the ocean surface. Ship A now drops an explosive device overboard which sinks and explodes upon reaching the bottom. The sound of the explosion is received by A, directly above, 1.5 seconds before it is received by B. Assume the sound travels at v= 1450 m/sec in sea water.

Find D, the depth of the ocean under ship A.

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The solution is clear and understandable; it includes the calculations. Two ships received signals from the bottom at different times are examined. The depth of the sea is found.

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Let t be the time for A to receive the sound. Then t+1.5 sec is the time for B to receive it. In terms of D and S, the ...

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