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1. A piece of string wraps around a cylinder 8 times. The length of the string is 14 cm. calculate the circumference of the cylinder.

2. The mass of full bottle of cooking oil is 1.30 kg, when exactly half of the oil has been used; the mass of the bottle plus the remaining oil is 0.90kg.what is the mass of empty bottle.

3. The same mass of four different liquids is placed in some measuring cylinders, which measuring cylinder contains the liquid with the greatest density

a) (cylinder)beaker of 10 cm3 with liquid 8cm3
b) beaker of 10 cm3 with liquid of 4 cm3
c) beaker of 25 cm3 with liquid of 5cm3
d) beaker of 25 cm3 with the liquid of 10cm3.

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1. Circumference = ...

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