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    Damped Egg on a Spring

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    Here's the actual problem:

    A 50.0-g hard-boiled egg moves on the end of a spring with force constant k=25.0 N/m. It is released with an amplitude 0.300 m. A damping force F_x=-bv acts on the egg. After it oscillates for 5.00 s, the amplitude of the motion has decreased to 0.100 m. Calculate the magnitude of the damping coefficient b. Express the magnitude of the damping coefficient numerically in kilograms per second, to three significant figures.

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    Here, m = 50 g = 0.05 kg
    k = 25 N/m
    y0 = 0.3 m
    At t = 5 s, y = 0.1m
    b = ?
    The equation of damped SHM is given as:
    my'' + by' + ky = 0
    whose solution is given as: y = ...

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