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    Solving for voltage and current in an electric circuit using loop analysis and node analysis.

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    ** Please see the attached file for the complete problem description **
    Solve using any method including Node Analysis, Source transformation, Voltage Divider Rule, Current Divider Rule. Whatever makes it the simplest.

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    Two methods are provided:
    1) Loop analysis

    At current source: -Ia + Ib = I1
    Mesh a&b: R1Ia + R2(Ib - Ic) + R3Ib = V1
    Mesh c: (R4 + R5)Ic + R2(Ic - Ib) = 0

    Substitute the value and rearrange the equations, we have:
    (please see ...

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    In this solution we solve a given circuitry problem using both loop and node analysis.