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Find Magnitude of Net Torque

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A long, thin rod (length = 3.5 meters) lies along the x axis, with its midpoint at the origin. In a vacuum, a +7.0 micro Coulombs point charge is fixed to one end of the rod, while a -7.0 micro Coloumb point charge is fixed to the other end. Everywhere in the x, y plane there is a constant external electric field (magnitude = 4.0E3 Newtons/Coulombs) that is perpendicular to the rod. With respect to the z axis, find the magnitude of the net torque applied to the rod. Answer in Newton-meters.

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The solution gives the steps to find the magnitude of the net torque of a given set-up.

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Step 1. The force exerted by electric field E, on the positive charge q, at one end is in the positive y direction, and is of magnitude:
(1) F = q E Its ...

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