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Charge on the electrons in a nickel coin

We want to find how many Coulombs of charge are on the electrons in a nickel coin. Follow this method.

a) A nickel coin has a mass of about 5.172 g. Each mole (6.02 * 10^23 atoms) has a mass of about 57.98 g. Find the number of atoms in nickel coin.

b) Find the number of electrons in the coin. Each nickel atom has 28 electrons/atom.

c) Find the magnitude of the charge on the electrons. Answer in units of Coulombs.

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a) Mass of Nickel coin = 5.172 g

6.02 * 10^23 atoms of Nickel have a mass of 57.98 g.

So the number of atoms of Nickel in 5.172 g Nickel coin = ...

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