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    Angular Momentum and Torque

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    In the figure (please see the attachment), a 0.420 kg ball is shot directly upward at initial speed 37.5 m/s. What is its angular momentum about P, 2.20 m horizontally from the launch point, when the ball is at the following heights?

    i) at max height, ii) when it is halfway to the ground.

    Also find the torque on the ball about P at max height and halfway to ground.

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    Angular momentum of a particle about a point is defined as the moment of the linear momentum vector about the given point i.e. :

    Magnitude of angular momentum = Magnitude of the linear momentum vector x Perpendicular distance of the line of action of the linear momentum vector from the given point

    Perpendicular distance of the linear momentum vector from the given point = 2.2 m

    a) Velocity of the ball ...

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    The angular momentum and torque are determined for a ball moving at a given velocity.